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About Us

Welcome to LEART (a group company of Isra Middle East)

At LEART we produce high quality items using the finest leather, PU, textile, paper and wood. We also offer a product development service taking new products from the drawing board through to production.

We are a UAE based Manufacturer having facilities in the UAE and India. We also work with trusted global manufacturers overseeing production from sampling through to delivery. This enables us to offer flexibility in quantity, and product type, all produced to the same high standards.
We manufacture products for many types of businesses including Hotels, Global Brands, Private Labels, Automobile Dealers, and Interior Designers.

In a career spanning more than 30 years, our founders, Yusuf and Zafar have enabled Isra to achieve recognition as an exceptional service provider in the printing domain and taken Isra to new heights by forming partnerships with leading global brands across the UAE. They ensure that all accounts under Isra are serviced to perfection by providing quality products and continuous engagement of the clients involved.

Our Expertise


We love doing custom work for our clients. If you have an idea or a concept do give us a call. We would love to manufacture the perfect product just for you.

Competitive Costs

We are flexible in our approach and work as per your budget. Our experience and thorough knowledge of the industry enables us to procure the best quality raw materials at competitive prices which further enables us to provide you products at competitive rates.

Quick Turnaround

Our clients are our priority and we are known in the industry for managing deadlines. All our orders are manufactured locally right here in the UAE, by us, in our leather manufacturing units which enables us to promise quick delivery to our clients.

Attention to Detail

At LEART, we care about every stitch and believe that good design lives in the details. Our products are based on value, durability and quality manufacturing.

Our Clients

It's awesome, really. I can't say enough about how well it's tailored to our taste. Our team has been using LEART products with varying degrees of satisfaction.

Happy customer

Leather Products for Hotels

Leather Products for Restaurants

Wooden and Metal Products

Bespoke Range of Corporate Gifts

Our Personalization Options

We pride ourselves on providing different personalization options to our clients using various techniques with each one giving a different look and feel to the final product. We can recreate your logos and artwork on our products and samples of all our personalization options are available to help you find the right product for your establishment.

The different personalization options that we provide our clients include:

• Printing - High impact potential for larger areas of personalization
• Engraving - Modern, stylish engraving options available on all covers
• Foiling - The gold foiling and silver foiling method is the classic method of personalization and one of our most popular ones
• Metal Plate - A contemporary method of personalization available in a range of shapes and sizes on gold, silver or white metal
• Metal Engraving – Using laser machines both hard and soft metals can be marked permanently, easily and quickly
• Embossing and Debossing - Elegant technique used to impress or depress your logo or artwork onto leather

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